Expert in Resilience, Leadership and Mental Health

Stewart links his amazing mental journey to the challenges of the future workplace.  Using personal experiences of living with a brain injury, he can motivate individuals and teams to achieve extraordinary success using a unique blend of neuroscience and positive psychology. 

Typical themes are around Resilience, Mental Health, Leadership, Dealing with Change, Improving Performance and Finding Purpose but Stewart has the ability to carefully tailor his talks to ensure they have maximum relevance and impact to each audience.

Stewart’s talks are instantly relatable and relevant to a commercial environment – he turns the power of positive thinking into practical action, embracing the power of the human brain to move forward, take ownership and embrace personal success in whatever you do.

Combining real life experiences with MSc studies in Applied Positive Psychology, Stewart developed the practical four STEP ™ model which gives audiences a simple practical toolkit to take back to the workplace.

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"Major Hill commanded B Company, 2 Mercian in some of the fiercest fighting seen by UK forces in Afghanistan. In command he was superb; incisive, instinctive, confident and brave"

General Tim Radford CB DSO OBE

A former high flying British Army officer, Stewart's life changed irrevocably when he suffered a severe Traumatic Brain Injury  from a bomb blast whilst serving in Afghanistan in 2009.  His brain's capacity to process information, plan, organise, and make decisions had been changed forever.

Forced to search for a new identity, Stewart harnessed the power of his brain and found rehabilitation through art, theatre work, writing, singing and giving back to charitable causes.  His involvement with the Veterans Foundation, The Army Benevolent Fund and Style for Soldiers led him to speak at many large and small audience events.

The story of his incredible 5 years of rehabilitation and recovery touched the hearts of Royalty, TV stars and Business Leaders, as well as recovering soldiers and their families.  They saw the positive impact he has on others and it wasn't long before he was in high demand.

Stewart’s story is instantly relatable and relevant to a commercial environment – it touches on the power of positive thinking, on embracing the power of the human brain to move forward, take ownership and embrace change to find personal success.


“Stewart’s talk gave me so much to think about and act upon later.  I have already used many of the practical psychology tips to good effect"

“The most powerful talk on leadership and people I have ever heard – we will make immediate and lasting changes to the way we work after this talk”

“Inspirational – for a business looking to shift to a new way of working, this was exactly the catalyst we needed”

“I have used Stewart 6 times, because he is the only speaker who always gets a standing ovation”

"Such a brilliant session last week on recognising non visible disability - we found it totally inspiring and have already used many of the practical tools Stewart described"

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